Warm Home Assistance

Warm Home Assistance Scheme

We want to play our part in tackling fuel poverty. For many homes, a switch to a gas central heating system can improve the energy rating of the home and reduce energy bills significantly. Since our Warm Home Assistance scheme started in October 2009, we have funded more than 18000 connections to mains gas by offering vouchers towards the cost of a new gas supply to eligible households.

We are committed to connecting at least another 2500 households through this scheme by 2026 

We also work with our partners to help all our customers save money on their energy bills through advice and funding towards new central heating systems and home insulation. You can find out more about the partners we work with here

Changes to the Warm Home Assistance scheme from 1 April 2021

After Ofgem’s review of gas distribution networks fuel poor network extension schemes, the eligibility criteria will be changed from 1 April 2021 to better target fuel poor households.

You can find out more about Ofgem’s decision to change the eligibility criteria here.

Summary of eligibility for the FPNES

From 1st April 2021 people wishing to benefit from a mains gas connection need to live in a privately owned or rented property, the householder must either be:

Criterion 1

a) eligible for a measure under:

  • The Home Heat Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO) component of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) (including Local Authority Flexibility under ECO 3), or alternatively, the successor scheme to ECO;
  • Nest (in wales only); or

b) In fuel poverty, based on the latest definition/indicator for the relevant area. The definition / indicator differs for England and Wales

Criterion 2

The householder/tenant must:

a) Receive at least one means tested benefit; and 

b) Satisfy at least one of the following conditions:

  • Occupy a property that has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in band E, F or G
  • Occupy a property that has an EPC in band D and has either solid walls, system-built walls, non standard cavity walls: and/or
  • Be over the age of 70

The occupied property must be the property that received the FPNES connection.

Criterion 3

The householder/tenant must:

a) Receive at least one means tested benefit and at least one of the following:

  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA):
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP): or
  • Attendance Allowance: and

b) Occupy a property with an EPC in Band D or below and have a health condition made worse by living in a cold home, such as chronic respiratory condition, cardiovascular condition, musculoskeletal illness, or mental health condition

Further information on our Warm Home Assistance scheme is contained in the documents below. If you want to discuss your connection further then please call us or our partner organisations using the following contact numbers:


Wales & West Utilities  Tel: 0800 912 2999
Flintshire County Council Tel: 01352 702173

Warm Home Discount Schemes

There are also government run schemes in the UK offering certain households grants towards home energy efficiency measures, including warm home discounts. You can check if you might be able to receive any of these grants or a warm home discount using the contacts below:

Government run heating and insulation scheme for Wales

The Welsh Government runs two schemes which aim to improve the energy efficiency of homes and lift people out of fuel poverty.  Nyth / Nest provides support to individual homes whereas Arbed focuses on Local Authority led community schemes.

For details on the Nyth/Nest scheme please contact Nest on Freephone 0808 808 2244 . Further information about Nest can be found at nest.gov.wales and on wales.gov.uk.

Government run heating and insulation scheme for England

For further information and advice please click here.