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Domestic Gas Connections – New Gas Supply and Alterations

Single domestic gas connections

We're always happy to connect new people to our network. New home connections and changes to existing connections are services that we have to charge for, so we'll assess the work required and then give you a quote. We respond to your connection requests as quickly as we can, typically within six to 11 days. Alternatively you can use our online quotation service or use our online forms.

If you're happy with the quote, we generally require payment when you accept, and we'll contact you within six working days to arrange for the work to be carried out.

Then we get to work as soon as we can. It can be complicated, and the time taken will vary according to our workload and Highway Authority requirements. We're usually finished within 20-40 days from acceptance, unless a road closure is needed - unfortunately these require three months' notice.

Multiple gas connections

In new housing developments, we sometimes need to lay a new gas pipe to supply the properties and install a new pressure reduction unit at the edge of the development. Have a look at our Developer's Pack for more information about the work we carry out and our requirements. Apply by filling in a non-standard application form and posting it to us. You can download under New Supply on our Gas Connection Documents page.

Sometimes we need to extend our gas network to include an existing community such as a block of flats, an estate or a village. There is a charge for work like this – which we call an 'Infill Project' - but we'll make things easier by sharing the cost of the gas pipe infrastructure between building owners over a 20-year period.

New gas supply connections

If you'd like us to connect to your home, you can apply online using our online connection portal or fill in one of our online forms. Alternatively visit our Gas Connections Documents page and download a new supply form and post it to us. 

Alterations to existing gas connections

If you'd like us to alter a connection to your home, you can apply online using our online connection portal or fill in one of our online forms. Alternatively visit our Gas Connections Documents page and download an alteration form and post it to us.

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