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Business Gas, Commercial and Non-Domestic Supplies

We connect to thousands of homes every year and we also link up lots businesses. Naturally, this work costs money, so first we'll work out what needs doing and give you a quotation. Our response time is between 11 and 21 working days depending on the gas load and how complicated the work is.

Once we've given you a quote, it remains valid for 90 days.

Assuming you accept the quote, we'll contact you within six working days to arrange for the work to be carried out.

How long the work takes to finish will vary according to workload and Highway Authority requirements, but we typically get it done within 20-40 days from acceptance. Road closures can slow things down though, as the Highway Authority requires three months' notice.

To apply, use our online connection portal or fill in one of our online forms. Alternatively visit our Gas Connections Documents page and download a Commercial Connection form and post it to us.

For more information, notes and guidance, please see our Gas Connection Documents.

For technical requirements and information, please see our developer’s pack on the Gas Connection Documents page

If you'll be using large amounts of gas, we may require additional information from you about the how much gas you're likely to use, and when you'll be using it. 

To make sure we get it right, we may need to carry out a feasibility or a design study where the connection is to a higher pressure tier pipe or there are issues which need further work. This will help us come up with the best cost option. We usually charge for design studies.