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3rd Party Connections

What you need to know

We support competition for connections and have a dedicated team who deal with all Third Party enquiries. Here you can find out more about what you need to do to connect to our network.

Independent Connections Providers (ICP)

If you are an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) who want to lay gas pipes or other infrastructure and transfer ownership to us or an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) you can do so by meeting the requirements below:

  • You must serve advance notification to us or the IGT.
  • You must be able to provide evidence of your competency to have designed and installed the pipe or infrastructure. Gas Safe Registered engineers are not normally included in this category unless they possess additional qualifications.
  • You must have the relevant permission for constructing the pipe or system under the relevant planning legislation.
  • Where excavation is required in the public highway or street, you must obtain a license from the appropriate Highway Authority in compliance with Section 50 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.
  • Suitably registered ICPs can do the final connection, a service disconnection or service alteration activities on our below 7 bar network.
  • You must enter into a contract with us for the connection of the pipe or system to our network, and must comply with the obligations and conditions set out in the contract.

The pipe or system will need to be designed and constructed in accordance with recognised industry standards e.g. IGEM/GL/5 Procedures for managing new works, modifications and repairs. We will only connect, or allow to be connected, new pipes or systems that satisfy our relevant procedures, are fit for purpose, and meet the key requirements above.

This framework has been supplemented by the Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS), to operate within specified work activities across the industry.

Independent Gas Transporters

Independent Gas Transporters (IGT) own and operate gas pipeline systems which transport gas to homes and businesses. Through their Gas Transporters license, which is granted for specific geographic areas, they can transport gas in their licensed area or to the point of connection with to another Gas Transporter’s system. This licensed area will typically be the IGT’s mains and service pipes installed as part of the infrastructure to new developments. An IGT may provide a quotation for connecting a gas supply.

Fast Track

If your proposed gas demand falls within the standard pressure matrix of T/SP/NP14 (our specification for the design of below 7 bar systems extensions which you can read in the documents below), you can submit a fast track application. You need to contact us for a quote if your proposed gas demand falls outside of the standard pressure matrix. You will also need a quote if we have told you that reinforcement of our gas network is required to meet your gas demand your site contains combined heat and power (CHP), a booster or gas compressor; or the site is to be used for power generation or vehicle fuelling.  

Land enquiry

If you are at an early stage of a project and would like basic information on the capacity of the gas network in the area, contact us. We’ll get back to you in five working days.

All 3rd Party Connections Enquiries

Michael Vagg
Network Support Officer
Wales & West Utilities
Tel: 02920 278 567
Fax: 0870 1650051