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Injecting Gas Into Our Network

The UK Government has binding targets to reduce carbon emissions by 2050. In order to facilitate this, the government has introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which pays third parties a tariff for gas produced from renewable sources; like biomethane, fed into the existing gas network.

We want to encourage the entry of gas from renewable sources like biomethane into our network and welcomes enquiries from developers who are considering building anaerobic digestion plants or other facilities. In the future, we will also be open to enquiries from developers of other non-conventional sources of gas like hydrogen. If you would like an initial discussion in particular to understand in general terms whether a proposed biomethane connection point is near to our network please contact one of the key contacts below.

Key elements of the process will be:

Initial Enquiry - The producer is required to complete our initial enquiry form providing the following key information:

  • Site location plan
  • Postcode and coordinates
  • Estimated flow rate – standard cubic meters per hour (scm/h) for injection into the pipeline network

We will perform a high level network analysis based on modelled data to assess where the nearest suitable connection point is on our network and whether the estimated flow rate can be injected.

This takes 15 working days to complete.

There is no charge for this activity, and the enquiry response letter is valid for 90 calendar days.

Capacity Study – We will issue a capacity study agreement with the initial enquiry response. The producer should sign the agreement and return it to us should the producer wish to further the application. An invoice will be sent following receipt of the producers signed agreement.

Once we have received payment (currently £782 +VAT) the study will be completed and issued within 30 working days.

The study uses actual flow data from our sites in the area, and by using this information WWU will provide the producer with the following:

  • Confirmation of network capacity
  • Seasonal and daily demand profiles at the connection point.

The study is valid for 180 calendar days from date of issue.

Capacity Booking – We will attach a capacity booking letter to the capacity study. The producer is required to sign and return this to us should the producer wish to continue with the application. Once we are in receipt of this letter, we will guarantee the offered capacity in our network. The producer’s requested injection rate will be taken into account for all subsequent applications in the same part of the network.

However the producer will be expected to provide evidence of site progression within 180 calendar days otherwise the capacity booking may be cancelled.

Responsible Manager Contacts

Keith Warburton

Decarbonisation Development Manager

Mobile: 07971 581965



Dave Harding

Entry & Exit Compliance Manager

Mobile:07816 976733



Richard Pomroy

Commercial Manager

Tel: 02920 278552



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