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Posted on: 11/05/2021

The Road to Recovery - John Lovelock, Wales & West Utilities Technical Assistant

At the end of October 2020, I suffered a head injury resulting in concussion and a five day stay in hospital. I bled out initially, ​but other than some bruises and a scar, there was nothing to ​see once I left hospital. ​

Internally, it had been mentally draining as well as physically, just trying to get your head to do simple tasks like picking up the TV handset, then trying to work out what to do with it when you have it. It wore me out just thinking about it, I could not hold a conversation and couldn’t remember what people had just told me. This made me (and still does) very conscious of the way I look because of the scar and also left me feeling depressed. ​

I was a very active person, running five miles every morning, lost count of how many miles walking dogs, carer for my wife, volunteer for Blue Cross Animal Rescue, odd jobs for elderly neighbours, dog training (all this during lockdown). All this and ending up not being able to help myself due to something you cannot see now that my bruises have gone.​

With the support of my wife, and almost five months of phased return to work with my managers and Wales & West Utilities Occupational Health supporting from a far, I am slowly getting back to normal. I still get very tired when I have pushed myself more than I should, also still get depressed and angry that I cannot do the same as I did. I just want to get back to normal again. I never realised until this happened to me how much brain power is used just moving and thinking. Don’t take your body for granted, it does a lot more for you than you know.

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