Gas Health and Safety

Gas Safety at Wales & West Utilities

At Wales & West Utilities we have a notable safety record winning various awards such as The RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Awards that are internationally recognised and have become a sought after accolade. Currently we hold a Gold RoSPA Award for 2015, which proves our ongoing commitment to raising health and safety standards . At Wales & West Utilities, we keep raising the bar on gas safety, continually looking for ways to improve standards for the public, our customers and colleagues. We are committed to using effective management systems based on world class practices, using safe processes, reliable equipment and ongoing investment to reduce risk in all areas of the business to meet and exceed gas safety regulations.

We have adopted the principles of Health and Safety Executive Publications HS (G) 65, Managing Health and Safety and we're certified to International Standards Organisation (ISO) 55001. We believe everyone is responsible for good process safety performance, and we incorporate its requirements into all relevant business activities.

Gas Health & Safety

We provide clear and positive process gas safety leadership right across our business, because we know how important this is to achieving our gas health and safety goals.  Our process safety leadership is guided by the following principles:

We plan for gas safety

    • We continually assess and manage the major hazards arising from our assets and operations
    • We consider inherent safety, and make sure that relevant laws, gas safety regulations and codes of standards are complied with to make sure that our assets are designed and constructed to be safe throughout their lifetime
    • We take human factors into account and implement controls to reduce errors and their impact
    • We assess and manage all changes in our assets to make sure that  we continue to operate safely
    • We set team goals for the control of major hazards and make plans to meet them
    • We integrate safety considerations into our business decisions

We deliver safety

        • Make sure that our employees and contractors have the expertise they need to manage and operate our assets safely
        • Operate pipelines within clear guidelines and make sure that any issues are examined and controlled
        • Make certain that gas emergency plans are in place and regularly tested to make sure that we remain prepared

We check safety

          • We inspect and maintain assets to make sure of  their integrity
          • We maintain up-to-date documentation which details our assets and how to operate them safely
          • We monitor safety-critical systems and procedures
          • We investigate all incidents and near misses to find out the root causes and prevent them happening again
          • We independently check management systems and technical arrangements and act on what we find

We review safety

        • We act on identified process safety hazards
        • We learn from relevant incidents and industry best practices
        • We're developing a proactive safety culture by engaging everyone in Wales & West Utilities
        • We review gas safety performance on a regular basis and update plans to make sure that we're always improving
        • We publish our results
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