Asset Management

Our Asset Management team are responsible for all Wales & West Utilities' physical assets – everything from pipes to paperclips, lorries to lightbulbs - including managing their maintenance, inspection and renewal. So the assets team plays a key role in making sure we work well as a business and make a profit.

Our Asset Management Policy Statement supports our key business goals, and helps us manage our assets in line with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 55001. Our systematic approach is designed to be risk-based, long term and sustainable, helping us to deliver a safe and reliable gas distribution network.

Asset Standards

We are committed to ensuring these principles are at the heart of our business while considering the needs of all our stakeholders. It is our policy to make sure our assets meet the needs and standards we have set. We will achieve this by:

  • Identifying risks our assets may pose -  especially ones that stop us meeting the needs of everyone we work with – and working to minimise these risks.
  • Managing our assets so we get the very best value from them.
  • Developing performance targets for assets, to make the best use of our resources and help us to work sustainably now and for the future. Managing our data in way that helps us make the best decisions about our assets.
  • Developing and maintaining plans for our assets that help us get the results we need from them.
  • Designing, constructing, operating and maintaining our assets to make sure that high standards are maintained throughout their life cycle.
  • Making sure that all our suppliers are competent and proven to perform well at HAS&E (Health, Safety Asset Management and Environment).  
  • Always getting better at managing our assets by continuously reviewing and improving our approach. Giving our employees the skills they need to get the best from our assets.
  • Delivering best value for all our stakeholders.
  • Actively promoting co-operation, consultation and communication to manage our assets.
  • Making sure we meet all the legal, regulatory and other asset management requirements that apply to us.
  • Publishing our results, so everyone can see how well we're doing.
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