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Gas Connections Service - Wales & West Utilities

We're proud to provide a whole range of services to our customers across Wales and the south west of England. First and foremost, we're about connecting people - our gas connections service means we can bring gas to almost any home or business. We're adaptable and we're here to help: our skilled engineers can alter and divert pipes for any building development or domestic extension work. We're also here to keep you safe: we have a responsibility to make sure we respond to any gas emergencies within one hour, whether it's a reported gas leak or a carbon monoxide concern. We're always improving our network, too. Being regulated by Ofgem, we have a responsibility to replace all our gas pipes with plastic piping, which is flexible and highly resistant to corrosion, meaning an even more reliable gas supply for everyone.

Gas Leaks and Emergencies

Our engineers respond to over 90,000 reported gas emergencies every year. Most of these are gas leaks reported to us during the winter as the Great British climate takes its toll on some of the older pipes in our network. Around 5,000 of the emergencies we respond to are related to carbon monoxide concerns. Gas is an excellent resource, but is can be dangerous if not handled correctly. If you have any concerns please call 0800 111 999.

Our Gas Supply Network

We have 35,000km of pipes in our gas supply network, enough to stretch from the UK to New Zealand and back. So it's a full-time job checking the supplies to all our customers. Part of the future proofing of this huge network is to replace all the older metal piping with plastic piping that will help us provide a safe, reliable gas supply for the next 80 years or more. In 2002 we began an ambitious 30-year plan to replace the majority of piping around Wales and the South West. Unfortunately, to do this work we do have to dig up a lot of roads. Sorry about that! We don't like traffic jams any more than you do, but it will be worth it in the long run: building a more reliable pipe network now means fewer gas leaks and less disruption in the future.

Find Gas Works in Your Area

Read more about our essential works programme. To see how your local commute could be affected by all utility road works (including those not managed by us) head to our In Your Area page and type in your post code. Connecting properties to gas is one of the key services we provide to customers and businesses in our area. We don't actually sell you the gas that reaches your home, but we do make sure it gets there. So we're always working to find the safest and most convenient way to connect gas to your internal plumbing. For a free quote on getting connected to gas, visit our connections page. If you already have gas and wish to move your connection or if you are investigating whether some building work might affect existing piping, visit our pages on Alterations or Diversions or Dial Before You Dig and we can provide detailed maps on gas connection to properties all over Wales and the south west of England.

Get a Free Gas Connection with Safe and Warm

If you consider yourself to be one of our Safe and Warm customers, you may be entitled to a funded free gas connection. We're happy to provide information for customers who may need extra assistance, whether it’s help with connections or advice on energy efficiency during the winter months or protection from carbon monoxide, we are happy to help and are proud of the customer service we can provide all our customers. For further information on staying safe and warm and how to receive help and advice, call our enquiries team on 0800 912 2999.


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