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Warm Home Assistance

Warm Home Assistance Scheme

We are committed to playing our part in tackling fuel poverty. For many homes, a switch to a gas central heating system can improve the energy rating of the home and reduce energy bills significantly. Since our Warm Home Assistance scheme started in October 2009, we have funded over 13,500 connections to mains gas by offering vouchers towards the cost of a new gas supply to eligible households. We will also work with our partners to help all our customers save money on their energy bills through advice and funding towards new central heating systems and home insulation.

We are committed to connecting at least another 6,000 households through this scheme by 2021. 

Changes to the Warm Home Assistance scheme

After Ofgem’s review of gas distribution networks fuel poor network extension schemes, the eligibility criteria has changed.

People wishing to benefit from a mains gas connection  need to either live in an area identified by the government for support, live in a privately owned or rented property and be in receipt of qualifying benefits, or be in fuel poverty: whereby a high percentage of disposable income is spent on household fuel use.

Further information on our Warm Home Assistance scheme is contained in the documents below. If you want to discuss your connection further then please call us or our partner organisations using the following contact numbers:


Wales & West Utilities  Tel: 0800 0726 814
Integrated Energy Services  Tel: 01656 747623

Warm Home Discount Schemes

There are also government run schemes in the UK offering certain households grants towards home energy efficiency measures, including warm home discounts. You can check if you might be able to receive any of these grants or a warm home discount using the contacts below:

Government run heating and insulation scheme for Wales

A fuel poor scheme for Wales called Nyst/Nest was launched on the 1st April 2011. This is administered by the Energy Savings Trust and the gas supplier British Gas. For details of this scheme contact the Energy Savings Trust on: Tel: 0800 512 012 In addition, the Welsh Government has a community energy strategy known as ARBED.

Government run heating and insulation scheme for England

Unfortunately there is currently no government scheme in England. For further information and advice please contact Energy Savings Trust on: Tel: 0300 123 1234

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