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Essential Works

Gas Mains Replacement and Essential Pipe Repairs

We manage and operate a huge network of gas pipes. Our 35,000 kilometres of gas pipes keep the gas flowing to homes and businesses throughout Wales and the south west of England. To deliver a safe and reliable supply of gas, it is vital that our pipes are carefully monitored and maintained. Our experienced engineers work around the clock daily to do just that. Weaving in and out of cities, towns and villages throughout our network, the length of gas pipes we take care of every day, if stretched out in one continuous line, could reach from the UK to New Zealand and back again!

Future Proofing our Gas Pipes

To make sure our gas network is able to serve our customers long into the future, we are replacing old metal pipes with new, more durable plastic pipes. Our 30-year gas mains replacement programme was agreed in 2000 with the UK Health & Safety Executive. Every year, we invest £70 million to replace around 450 kilometres of metal pipes. With a lifespan of over 80 years, our new plastic pipes will help us to maintain a safe and reliable gas supply, and support the growth and development of the communities we serve for generations to come.

Working with communities

We appreciate our essential work can have an impact on the communities we serve. So whether we are carrying out a small repair, or larger scale essential pipe replacement work, we know how important it is to keep our customers informed. We invest millions of pounds every week in our gas network to make sure we keep the gas flowing to millions of homes and businesses. But it’s not just the work we do and the investment we make that matters; how we work alongside our customers and communities is important too. We are committed to building excellent relationships with the communities we serve. We always try to be open and honest about our work and their potential impact. We make it a priority to talk to everyone that may be affected so we can minimise disruption, listen and act on feedback and improve the services we offer for all our customers. If you have any further questions, please speak to a member of the team on site or our customer service team on 02921 678 455 or Freephone 0800 912 2999. You can also email 

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